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Scalp Clean: An Anti-Dandruff Shampoo That Really Is ‘Anti Dandruff’

Lustrous beautiful thick hair is everyone’s dream. However, owing to the pollution and other various lifestyle changes, this has become a distant dream for many. Hair problems could be a nightmare if not treated well. One of the biggest hair problems faced by most of the people is dandruff. All the latest expensive hi-fi scientific equipment and treatment do not…

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Scalp Clean: The Right Product for Getting Rid of Dandruff

If you are the one who feels embarrassed or ashamed of the scaly flakes coming down like a snowfall from your head then you are not alone. Nearly 50% of the population and that includes both the sexes experience it at some point of time with varying intensity. There are a variety of causes that leads to this problem. Cosmetic…

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BMW 1 series review

The New BMW 1-Series Coupe Review

The new BMW 1-series coupe signifies intensity, adrenaline and emotion. Its focused dynamics are lively when the powerful engines discharge their power. Here’s look into more specifics about the vehicle. What’s New? This is one of the first models from the brand to get the new Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start Stop feature, and a couple of drive-train changes. In…

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A Buying Guide for Luxury Used Cars

Luxury cars have always been an asset of great interest for car enthusiasts for many years now. Owning a luxury car is the dream of many, though not all can afford to buy one. However, if you are fine with second-hand luxury cars, there are several options available in the market. If you are new to used car market, you…

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BMW to Offer New Features in i8

Some days prior, BMW introduced a new car called i8, which is the most advanced car in its lot. To introduce some unique features, it has launched features called Auto Park and different atmosphere for different position. They are also trying to devise a system, which can replace the driver. Google Music will be available in this car soon. As…

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