BMW 1 series review

The New BMW 1-Series Coupe Review

The new BMW 1-series coupe signifies intensity, adrenaline and emotion. Its focused dynamics are lively when the powerful engines discharge their power. Here’s look into more specifics about the vehicle. What’s New? This is one of the first models from the brand to get the new Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start Stop feature, and a couple of drive-train changes. In…

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A Buying Guide for Luxury Used Cars

Luxury cars have always been an asset of great interest for car enthusiasts for many years now. Owning a luxury car is the dream of many, though not all can afford to buy one. However, if you are fine with second-hand luxury cars, there are several options available in the market. If you are new to used car market, you…

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BMW to Offer New Features in i8

Some days prior, BMW introduced a new car called i8, which is the most advanced car in its lot. To introduce some unique features, it has launched features called Auto Park and different atmosphere for different position. They are also trying to devise a system, which can replace the driver. Google Music will be available in this car soon. As…

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2016 BMW X5

BMW cars like X5 have a huge craze among buyers. Now, the market is expanding and SUVs are in demand as they offer sturdy looks along with the comfort factor. Interior This car normally looks good with spacious leg room. The interior of the X5 is excellent. It comes with high end leather seats, which are very comfortable. It has…

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Top Five Must-Have Winter Fashion Accessories for Men

Winter is the season for fashion during which one can see tremendous fashion everywhere. From woollen apparels to amazing boots, these are the essence of fashion in winter. As far as winter fashion accessories are concerned, the fashion world has numerous things to offer. Here are five must-have winter fashion accessories for men that will enlighten them about the real…

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fashion designer

Become a Fashion Designer: Imaginative and Exciting Career

Fashion designer is a person who has the art of applying design and aesthetics to garments or accessories, and is influenced by cultural and social latitude. The fashion industry has become a global industry today and most countries consider it as one among their key industries. Major manufacturing centers are China, Bangladesh, Philippines, Spain, South Korea, Brazil, India, and Germany.…

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